Cruises from Fort Lauderdale – Port Everglades

If you are looking for a cruise to a tropical paradise – have a look at the options from Port Everglades. Learn more in our guide about the popular port located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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In Fort Lauderdale you find one of the busiest ports in the world – Port Everglades. Here you find cruises with some of the largest cruise lines in the world such as Royal Caribbean International, Celebrity Cruises and Holland America Line. This is a great port to choose if you want to cruise through the Caribbean or other tropical destinations. Listed below you find some of the most popular options and routes.

Popular routes and destinations

The Bahamas

One of the most popular options when it comes to cruising from Port Everglades is to head for the Bahamas. The Bahamas consist of hundreds of islands in different sizes, and attracts tourists from all over the world with its clear water, great diving possibilities and tropical charm.


If you choose a longer cruise from Fort Lauderdale you have the chance to go all the way to Mexico. Here you find everything from ancient temples and interesting culture to outdoor activities and great food.

Key West

At the western edge of Florida you find Key West, a popular destination when it comes to cruising. In Key West you can enjoy water-based activities, stunning beaches and charming architecture.

The Caribbean

If you choose to cruise in the Caribbean you get the chance to experience some of the largest and most spectacular cruise ships there are. And let’s not forget the white beaches, unique culture and endless sunshine. From Port Everglades you find lots of options when it comes to cruises in the Caribbean.

Cruises from Port Everglades 2023/2024

If you are planning a cruise from Port Everglades, there are several large cruise lines to choose from that operate out of the port. In the upcoming list you find some major cruise lines that offer cruises from Fort Lauderdale and Port Everglades.

Cruise lines working out of Port Everglades

Royal Caribbean International

Royal Caribbean International is one of the largest cruise lines in the world, and also the line with some of the most luxurious cruise ships on the market. If you want to cruise out of Fort Lauderdale with Royal Caribbean you can reach a number of destinations in the Caribbean.

Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Cruises is a subsidiary of Royal Caribbean Group (who not very surprisingly also own Royal Caribbean International). Celebrity Cruises gives you the possibility to travel to idyllic beaches and locations throughout the Caribbean, starting in Fort Lauderdale.

Princess Cruises

Another operator found at Port Everglades is Princess Cruises, a company owned by Carnival Corporation & plc which is the largest cruise ship operator in the world. The cruise line offers cruises to both the Caribbean, South America and other destinations.

Holland America Lines

Just like Princess Cruises, Holland America Lines is a subsidiary to Carnival Corporation & plc. Choose destinations like the Bahamas and the Caribbean when traveling with Holland America Lines from Fort Lauderdale.

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